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The “Credo” of St. Marie Eugenie 

I believe that we are placed in this universe to work for the coming of the Kingdom of God in ourselves and in others.

I believe that Jesus Christ has saved us to make us free to work according to His Word.

It pains me to hear this earth called a land of exile. I consider it a place of glory for God.

I believe that each of us has a mission on earth.  It is simply a question of seeking how God can use us to make His Gospel known and lived.

I believe that we must do it courageously and by means of faith… the poor means of Jesus Christ, surrendering the success of it to Him.

I believe in a truly Christian society where God, though invisible, reigns everywhere and is preferred to everything.

To make known Jesus Christ, the liberator and King of the world, to teach that everything belongs to Him, that He wants to form in each of us the great work of the kingdom of God and wishes each of us to enter into His plan: either to pray or to suffer or to act.

I must confess to you that this is for me the beginning and end of all Christian education.

From a letter written to Fr. Lacordaire, undated but between 1841 and 1844


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