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Become a Sister

Do not be afraid to accept this call. You will surely encounter difficulties and sacrifices, but you will be happy to serve, witnesses of that joy the world cannot give.”
(Blessed John Paul II)

The call to join the religious life comes from God. It is impossible to say exactly how an individual will experience this call, because God is God - and sometimes God acts in very surprising ways. However there are signs which recur frequently. Is Jesus someone who is very important for you? Do you have the feeling that God is asking you for something more? Do you experience a holy disquiet, a sense of unrest, a recurring feeling that your current commitment or career is not enough? If you answer “Yes” to these questions; if being a friend of the sisters, or volunteering a year of your life to help in their mission does not seem to you to be enough, then perhaps God is calling you to be a sister.

We’ve set up a Frequently Asked Questions page, to answer some of the questions you might have about joining the Assumption. If what you see on this page and throughout our site resonates with you, then we invite you to get in touch with Sr. Clare Bernadette at Then you can ask your own questions and get a fuller sense of whether the Assumption might be a good place for you to continue your pilgrimage.

Joining a Religious Congregation is truly counter-cultural. It is not easy to go against the tide of modern society. But if you are called, we can promise you that it is a life that is full and fulfilling – for as St. Marie Eugenie said: Each of us has a mission on earth and there is nothing more important than finding it.

Information about opportunities to explore your vocation with us.

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