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12 Mar 2017

Assumption at Flame 2017

Assumption sisters, young adults and Assumption volunteers attended Flame 2017 in the Wembley Arena on Saturday 10th March.

Flame was the biggest Catholic youth event of the year in 2017. It was a wonderful opportunity for 10,000 young people from across England & Wales to come together to celebrate their Catholic faith, receive faith-filled inspiration from world class speakers with great worship music. 

The event aimed to ignite in the hearts of young people the flame of faith, setting ablaze the beginnings of a new personal journey for everyone who goes. In an age when it can feel somewhat isolating being a young Catholic, Flame is a big chance to see that we are not alone, that there are many who share the same values!

Some 20 young adults and sisters attended Flame with the Assumption group. The programme included worship led by Matt Redman, inspiring talks from Cardinal Bo from Myanmar, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Mike Pilavachi, David Wells, Sarah Teather, the CAFOD team and volunteers - all shared messages of hope and God's passionate love for each and every people. 

"I loved the music and drama sketches - it gave me goosebumps and really touched me. Celebrating with 10,000 young people created a deep sense of togetherness." - said Rosie

As 10,000 voices praised God, the tiny boat which carried 37 refugees to safety across the Mediterranian, placed by the stage and reminded us of the world's needs and those fleeing their home in the hope of safety and a better future. The Assumption volunteers joined as facilitators of the lunchtime activities, engaged in conversations with young people about our Christian response to the refugee crisis. 

"It was challenging but also good fun to talk to other young people about refugees... We asked them what it would be like if we had to pack up in half an hour and flee our homes..."  - commended another volunteer. 


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