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5 Jun 2017

Bicentenary Celebration: Mass of Thanksgiving

The Assumption Sisters of the English Province celebrated the Bicentenary of the Birth of St Marie Eugenie and Sr Therese Emmanuel with a special mass.

200 years ago Anne Eugenie Milleret (now Saint Marie Eugenie) was born in Metz, France on 26th August 1817, and Kate O'Neill (Sr. Therese Emmanuel) born in Limerick, Ireland on 3rd May 1817. Assumption Sisters and their friends gathered in the Maria Assumpta Chapel, Kensington on Saturday 3rd June 2017 for a Thanksgiving Mass. 

It was very fitting to celebrate on the weekend of Pentecost - St Marie Eugenie wrote: "The Holy Spirit raises us up, lifts our souls to higher things... To rise is truly in keeping with the spirit of the Assumption, and by the light and love from above, by the warmth and strength of the Holy Spirit, we can rise aloft in spite of all our weakness." 

We remembered the graces God had poured upon the congregation and re-entrusted the future into his loving care. To listen to the homily by Fr. Robin Gibbons follow the link. The mass was followed by a reception in Milleret House where we enjoyed excellent company and good weather!

Sr Clare Bernadette writes: "After our happy, happy day celebrating St Marie Eugenie & Mother Therese Emmanuel, our London city tragedy has shocked us to the core. Fr Robin asked us on Sunday morning to turn around the question 'Why does God allow this terrible suffering?' to ask 'Why do we allow God to suffer in this way?' I was deeply moved by this reflection and asked myself: Why, when goodness, kindness and love bring such beauty and light into our lives and world do we choose such terrible darkness. 

May God welcome into his light and love all those who have died because of this terrible darkness. May he heal with his loving touch all who have been injured because of this terrible darkness. May he comfort all those who have lost loved ones and those who know and love those on the road to recovery as a result of this terrible darkness. Be assured of the prayers throughout the world, particularly during our times of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, of the Sisters of the Assumption.

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