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12 Jun 2017

Assumption Volunteering on Catholic Radio

Helen Granger, Assumption Volunteer Co-ordinator in the UK, along with Anita Motha and James Trewby, from the Salesians and Columbans, explain why people volunteer abroad, and what an enriching experience it can be. 

Talking Faith is a chat show connecting ordinary men and women within the catholic faith and examining issues affecting both church and society, mixed with loads of music, messages and prayer requests. Lavoisier Fernandes from Heavens Road FM Catholic Radio poses the question: 'Would you volunteer overseas for your faith?' 

In this radio interview, Helen, Anita and James share about the three congregations' volunteer programmes and their experiences how going abroad for a year of service can enrich and change the person's life.  

Listen to the radio programme:

‘I would call our programme an exchange of gifts, because everyone has gifts that they can share’ – says Helen – The foundress of the Assumption Sisters, St Marie Eugenie said: “Each one of us has a mission on earth” So the Sisters want to help young adults to find what their mission in life is. Many of our volunteers don’t know what they want to do and during the year they discover skills and enthusiasms that they didn’t know that they had, and often new directions in life. Marie Eugenie also said: “It’s madness not to be yourself as fully as possible” …. So the Sisters invite the volunteers to grow. In their year of service the volunteers work hard and immerse themselves in a new culture, give all they can, and still, they often say they receive more than they gave. … We send volunteers for a year to the Philippines, India, Lithuania and Newcastle.’

Anyone thinking of a gap-year abroad, do have a listen! It is not too late to apply to be part of our international team in Newcastle September 2017 to July 2018 - For more information visit the Assumption Volunteers website: 


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