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1 Aug 2017

Summer news and reflections

Summer gives us all the opportunity to rest, take a holiday and pause for reflection... the Assumption Sisters continue to celebrate the Bicentenary of the birth of St Marie-Eugenie and Sr Therese-Emmanuel... 

Sisters Cathy, Carolyn and Francesca have met the young people who will join the Assumption Summer Pilgrimage from the English province in France in August. The gathering provided a great opportunity to get to know each other, reflect on what a pilgrimage is and learn about the Assumption. There was time to pray together with the Kensington community, share a meal and prepare for the trip in a joyful spirit. Please keep them all in your prayers for the upcoming pilgrimage!


Sisters Jess and Isabella have recently visited the Benedictine Stanbrook Abbey in Yorkshire - it is the first 'green monastery' in the world. Read about their experience in the 'Creation' section of our website - or follow the link: In search of healing for the planet...


Assumption Volunteers joined by Bosco Volunteer Action and Jesuit Missions UK have completed a week-long orientation training for young people going overseas to volunteer with local communities. These three Catholic overseas volunteer projects come together as part of the Lay Missionary Volunteer Network (LMVN) to prepare new volunteers for their experience each year. The sessions took place in Milleret House and covered a rich variety of topics ranging from the spirituality of service, group processes, transitions, culture, safeguarding to communication and conflict resolution. One of the participants, Rebecca said: "What a joy the past five days have been training and hangin' out with these wonderful people. Among the five of us, two are off to serve in the Philippines for 11 months, one will be volunteering in Vietnam for 10 months and myself and Matthew are off to Tanzania for 6 months. Service and humility are two beautiful gifts and I can't wait to hopefully grow in them both. I just know I'll receive more from the people I meet out there than I could ever give and I'm so grateful for this opportunity."  Please keep our young volunteers in your prayers as they embark on their journey!


In these days we remember the Battle of Passchendaele on its 100th anniversary. Sr. Jess raises a question: how do we remember...? "There is the danger of making heroes out of those who suffered the atrocities of war, both soldiers and civilians, and as they die, as sacrificial victims, we are pushed to prove that they did not die in vain, particularly the soldiers fighting in our name... We need to work for peace, nonviolent ways forward, recognising scapegoating, we need to work and pray tirelessly for peace."  Read her reflection in the 'Peace' section of our website:  Remembering with Siegfried Sassoon

Latest News ...

12 Nov 2018

The Assumptions Sisters' JPIC Team brings you their latest newsletter.

31 Oct 2018

About 40 Assumption Sisters are gathered in Paris for the 1st Chapter of the new European Province from England, Belgium, Lithuania and Italy. 

18 Sep 2018

On September 14, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, the Assumption Sisters celebrated Sr Veronica Ann's 50 years of Religious Profession.  

1 Sep 2018

"Above all there is a sense of deep urgency and profound concern for the precarious state of our common planetary home."

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