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1 Sep 2018

World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation & Creationtide

"Above all there is a sense of deep urgency and profound concern for the precarious state of our common planetary home."

September 1st Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

Following an Eastern Orthodox initiative Pope Francis declared Spetember 1st a day of special prayer for all creation. It has been widely adopted by Anglican, Protestant and Roman Catholics.

"A call to create a vast movement of people from below..."  - Vatican Laudato Si Conference 2018 

Season of Creation -  September 1st – October 4th

Pray and work for the protection of the environment which sustains everyone. Do something however small.

The Vatican’s Laudato Si Conference 2018 was put on by the Dicastery for promoting integral Human Development, Caritas, Global Catholic Climate Movement, supported by other NGOs, indigenous organisations etc. It hopes to inspire a mass movement for all need to be involved. Three main points came out of the Conference.

  1. The need to transition towards a circular economy
  2. The need to encourage greater involvement of faith communities.
  3. The need to empower a people’s movement.

Pope Francis calls for a change of hearts and minds at a deeper level.                               

Steps to watch out for: 

  • There is the upcoming Synod of Youth, October 2018 and the Amazonian Synod 2019 with a call to listen to indigenous communities.
  • Global Action Summit in San Francisco – September 12 -14th 2018
  • COP 24 Katowice Dec 3- 14th 2018, UN Conference on Climate Change.
  • Season of Creation – see above
Radical change is required!   

`Francis, go and repair our home’

`Lord, send forth your Spirit and renew the face of the earth’ Psalm 104: 30


How? Through dialogue and participation.  It is suggested that communication can best be started with issues of food security and water scarcity + migration flows rather than fearsome descriptions of the future.

The Circular Economy : - we know we need to change. The linear economy of production, trade, consumption and waste doesn’t work any longer. A circular economy involves converted system of production, responsible consumption and transformation of waste. The UN Sustainable Development Goals include a necessary shift towards a circular economy, so a political framework does exist.

Greater involvement of Faith communities: - we cannot delegate responsibility for change to governments. It is said `if we leave it to people it will be too little, if we leave it to politics it will be too late’ we need to bring efforts together. Catholic Church commitment needs to move to action. National Episcopal Conferences can take it more to heart. A theology of Creation and a spirituality is required to bring about a change in mentality and life style.

Young people and indigenous peoples. There is a call to dialogue to define development. Both young and indigenous peoples need to be recognised in order to dialogue. Young leaders need formation in ecological spirituality, there could be interdisciplinary programmes in schools, universities and catechism classes. Young people need `more space’. Listening to indigenous communities we hear a call to embrace the contemplative beauty of the earth if we want to promote care of creation. 

COP 24. And the Global Action Summit: - I.5 C degree warming is the most that can be tolerated `if we are to stay alive’.  This will involve Justice so no one is left behind, protection of forests the treasure of our planet, the stopping of fossil fuel subsidies and divestment. Everyone one needs to be involved, young, civil society and also business.

 Action on Finance: - Firstly how do we manage our money, where are we putting it ? We can also put pressure on the private sector as shareholders and stakeholders. We can invest for the good of people and planet, the common good. Then polluter should pay, look for a different economic model that incentivise doing good and punishes those damaging the earth.

Season of Creation: - celebrate it, take educational and formation initiatives, live the change, green church facilities, prayer and spirituality, advocacy, especially divestment from fossil fuels, move towards carbon neutrality. September 8th climate mobilisation.

This all comes out of the recent Vatican Conference. It is a reminder to us all of the importance of prayer and action during the Season of Creation.

Jess,  August 25th2018

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