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7 Jun 2019

Celebration of First Vows

On the 1st June, three new sisters made their first vows as Religious of the Assumption in Paris. 












It was a day of great joy and celebration as Sisters Francesca, Mercedes and Victoria (from the Provinces of Europe, Spain and Central America & Cuba) celebrated their first vows in the company of family and friends. Sisters Marie-Sophie, Patricia and Clare Bernadette joined them representing the European Province and England. 

 They were invited by their novice mistress, Sr Marie-Pierre: 

"Francesca, Mercedes and Victoria will pronounce their vows. They offer their whole life to Christ: they wish it to be for ever, but the wisdom of the Church asks that this commitment, made at the end of the noviciate, be only temporary.

This is why, they will pronounce their vows for three years. They will put their hands between those of the superior general, meaning that it is within the congregation of the Assumption that they will commit themselves to the love of Christ."

(You can view the Service Booklet of the Celebration here)


As all Sisters in the Assumption, they received their mystery: Sister Francesca of the Body and Blood of Christ • Sister Mercedes of the Cross • Sister Victoria of the Incarnation 

Please keep them in your prayers at this special time!

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