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16 Mar 2020

Call to Prayer

Message of Hope in the time of corona-virus (COVID 19) pandemic

Sr Rekha Chennattu, the Superior General of the Religious of the Assumption sends her message to all sisters and friends of the Assumption on 15th March 2020:

"Be Women of Prayer - Messengers of Peace and Courage!"

Amid the rising cases of coronavirus affecting people globally, let us take all precautions to take care of ourselves and others, especially our elderly and sick sisters and people. Let us join hands with the millions from all religions and pray for all those who are affected by Coronavirus, especially the lonely and less privileged ones, for the doctors, nurses and medical experts ministering to the sick, and for the scientists who are searching for vaccines and remedies to contain the virus and stop its transmission. May I suggest to all the communities to say the Novena of Saint Marie Eugenie against COVID-19.

How do we perceive, understand, interpret and respond to this global misfortune? Is God telling us to slow-down a bit and to become more aware of our collective fragility and inter-connectedness? As I highlighted in my message on 10th March 2020, Saint Marie Eugenie invites us to make a shift from self-centredness to God’s reign, and to look at everything from the perspective of God’s goodness. The virtue of Joyful Detachment is very relevant to respond to the current crisis of coronavirus, as it helps us take responsible measures on the one hand, and on the other not to panic – to remain in God’s grace and peace. Let us be the messengers of both faith and reason in solidarity with the suffering and most neglected ones.


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