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21 Apr 2020

Earth Day 22 April 2020

The Assumption JPIC team invites you to: Celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd) somehow!

Earth Day has been a focus for championing the environment for 50 years!

This year there is something different. There is a strong link between the pandemic currently afflicting everyone through out the world, and environmental destruction which makes us more vulnerable to new pathogens; high pollution too, will raise the death toll considerably.

We must take the opportunity hidden in this crisis, to forge a new 'normal', transitioning to a more just, equal and caring society, more respectful of the earth on which we all depend, where all are included as brothers and sisters, and waters run sparkling and the air is fresh.

Celebrate Earth Day somehow!


Photo: Apple blossom from the Campus de la Transition - merci!


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