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27 Apr 2020

Time to Remember and Celebrate

This week brings many significant dates in the Assumption calendar...

26 April

We remember our sisters who were killed during the genocide in Rwanda 1994.
Let us continue to pray for peace and reconciliation in Rwanda! 



29 April

The feast of St Catherine of Siena - doctor of the Church, also a special saint for us. She said: "Nothing great is ever achieved without enduring" - which is especially relevant today! 


30 April

Foundation Day: the Congregation was founded on this day in 1839. St Marie-Eugénie wrote: "We began in a poor little apartment (on rue Férou, Paris, France), then rented houses. We were a few poor girls without a place on earth. God gave us everything... Everything comes from Him, everything, therefore, belongs to Him and must return to Him!" 



3 May

This day marks the birthday and day of death of Mother Thérèse Emmanuel - co-foundress of the Religious of the Assumption. Born as Catherine O'Neill in Limerick, Ireland on May 3rd, 1816. At age 23 she met Anne Eugenie Milleret (our foundress) in Paris and soon was part of the small group of young women who formed the first community of the Assumption in 1839. On her death bed she said: "I belong to the Assumption, my life is totally consecrated to it; I am not leaving it, I am going to the Assumption in eternity.”



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