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18 May 2020

Laudato Si' Week

This week we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Pope Francis's encyclical looking at the Care of our Common Home. 

Everything is Connected  - writes Sr Jess: 

The beautiful and urgent message from Pope Francis which we received five years ago is even more relevant today than it was then. This is underlined today with messages coming from all directions, from Pope Francis again, the Bishops, our Religious of the Assumption General Council and above all from natural world itself with Covid-19 worldwide and the ongoing climate crisis, fires in Siberia, the arctic, the Amazon, Australia, carbon emissions still rising and ice packs and glaciers melting, especially in the Himalayas. And as we encroach further and further into what remains of the wild, we face the likelihood of more pandemics on the way.

Our time of lock down has given us time, a pause (for some of us) to hear the bird song, and if our anxieties do not overtake us, a moment to appreciate God’s creation, to discover how the earth can heal, to pray and very importantly, to reimagine a different future, how our society with its terrible inequalities shown up by the pandemic, can be transformed. Lasting change is possible. Let us use this time to think hard about what the world and our country to look like when we come out the other side. 'What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to the children who are now growing up?’ (LS 160)  Read more:

Today let us celebrate Laudato Si’ by hearing again its urgent message. We can do what we can by simplifying our lifestyle, rethinking consumerism:  listening again to the cry of the poor and the cry of the earth we can lift up our voices on their behalf. We can celebrate the Jubilee for the earth in the Season of Creation September 1st – October 4th.

Last February 46 young people arranged an event in Parliament; about 70 MPs attended to discuss a Climate emergency Education Bill brought forward by the young people ‘Teach the Future’ ( is a recent youth led campaign to reorient the entire educational system at all levels, in England around the climate emergency and the ecological crisis. It is already supported by various Trade Unions and environmental NGOs. Young people are feeling the need to know more about the emergency they are now living  and which will affect every part of the lives, there is much the eco anxiety around in the young; teachers are asking for more training , schools and universities need to be retrofitted to net zero standards. Perhaps supporting this new movement would be a fitting way to celebrate the five years of Laudato Si’ - visit: 

Jess r.a.  May 2020





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