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Justice, Peace & Creation

Mission Statement

Working for greater justice and peace in the world and care for God's creation are an integral part of the life of Religious of the Assumption, calling us to continual conversion.[1]

Inspired by our faith we work towards making God's kingdom come on earth.[2]

We recognise our kinship with all creation.
We acknowledge our failure to uphold justice in our interconnected world. Wherever we look, we see inequality and suffering in so many guises.
We believe that every person is precious in the eyes of God and aim to challenge the exploitation of people, natural resources and other forms of life; denouncing the idols of power and money. 

We recognise our kinship with all creation.
We acknowledge our need to cultivate peace in every aspect of our life. War and conflict destroy us and our planet.
We value the inter-dependence and diversity of our world and aim to promote a culture of peace, non-violence and reconciliation by nurturing relationships with each other and all of creation.

We recognise our kinship with all creation.
Humbly we acknowledge the damage we have done to the earth and its creatures. The very survival of our planet is at risk.
We recognise the inter-connectedness of all forms of life in a community of creation, and aim to help ourselves and others to walk more gently on the earth, in the service of life.

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[1]“In the Assumption, our passion comes from the conviction that Christ calls us to collaborate with Him and with others to realise God’s plan for the world. – Philosophy and Passion, General Chapter 2006.

[2] Because of the intimate connection between environmental destruction, migration and violence, we will develop strategies that foster a culture of peace, justice, care of creation and solidarity in all that we do... - Assumption Document, 2014: Responding to Concerns about Ecology and Migration: Our Way of Loving our Times, p.7

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