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Protecting the forest and uncontacted tribes

This plea comes from Survival International. Appalled at the genocide of tribal people Survival International was founded in 1969 for their support and protection and has been working around the world ever since, particularly in the Amazon region.

The organisation works with the most vulnerable people in far off places. But we need to remember, with humility, it is often these people so far from modern `progress’ who are protectors of the forest and it is the forest gives life to us all, without the Amazon forest we will all be dead. 

"Greetings Friends,

We’re sending you these words today because we need you. Our forest is being invaded by illegal loggers, right now. It’s an emergency. We patrol, we find the loggers, we destroy their equipment and we send them away. We’ve stopped many loggers. It’s working.

We constantly receive death threats from the logging gangs. Three of us were killed last year. But we continue, as our forest is our life. Without it, we would all be dead.Our uncontacted relatives also live in the forest. They cannot survive if it’s destroyed. As long as we live, we will fight for the uncontacted Indians, for all of us, and for nature.

Please help us to protect our forest. We will never give up.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
The Amazon Guardians"


The Guardians’ tireless work needs full backing. They need the government to fund and support them, not look the other way as they risk their lives – but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

Please email the authorities in Brazil and urge them to help the Amazon Guardians. 

Here is a sample email with contact details: 

Bcc: (optional, but useful for our records)
Subject: The Guajajara Guardians need immediate support

Dear Ministers,

Please support the Guajajara Guardians, and their invaluable work protecting the forest of Arariboia indigenous territory for the Guajajara and their uncontacted Awá neighbors.

Uncontacted tribes are the most vulnerable peoples on the planet. Without this forest, the Awá will be wiped out. The Guajajara Guardians are patrolling the land and notifying the authorities of invasions. Their expeditions are successful, but they desperately need your backing.

Please take action now to support the Guardians and provide them with the resources, equipment, and government agents to accompany their patrols, which they urgently need.
There’s no time to lose: The Arariboia Awá’s survival is a matter of now or never.

Your sincerely.


 Sr Jessica r.a.






Protecting the forest and uncontacted tribes

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