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Election thoughts - A question about 'economic growth'!

Sr. Cécile Renouard, a graduate of ESSEC, one of the best business schools in France, is both a professor and an actor for change in the economic field. Before joining the Religious of the Assumption, she travelled extensively all around the world. She holds a doctorate in political philosophy and now teaches at ESSEC and at Centre Sèvres, a Jesuit university in Paris. She also continues her research on ethics and economics, promoting a concept of ecologically and socially responsible and sustainable development in corporations around the world.

Sr Cecile in a recent interview, said 'Let us redefine our notion of progress’. The economic world is going in the wrong direction. Companies are obsessed with short term profit. Cecile continues `I am in touch with young managers who very sincerely wish to create a different world. Of course, this is easier for a small company than for a major one. But the interest my students show for different economic models, which put human beings in the center of their activities, encourages me, and I certainly see the Holy Spirit working here!’  For the full version of the interview click here.

Further thoughts

Degrowth, I have discovered this new word in English! 'Decroissance’ is common enough in French. It is different from 'sustainable development’ a concept which has been misused; it refers to 'ecologised society' one which really has had an ecological conversion as proposed in 'Laudato Si’. But where is anyone proposing alternative visions to the modern growth based economy with its market forces and its dynamism of profit? Is it possible to focus on connecting humans with one another and the non-human world, redistribution of what we have already, helping to build community and collective meaning, care of our commons, on a finite planet a society where we value 'enough’?

Once basic needs are supplied, does economic growth bring greater happiness? Does it not now threaten both the environment and social wellbeing with the growing inequality in our society?

Let us redefine our notion of progress! This is what Cecile is exploring.
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